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Meat our Equipment

We work with small to large demanding customers and capacities. Start with us, grow with us. We can adjust to your needs as you scale your business.


5 Roll-In Double Rack Rotating Ovens

State of the art baking with dynamic temperature control and steam abilities


40' Gas Fired Tunnel Oven

WIth variable speeds and temperatures you can bake almost any flat products with precision. Followed by hundreds of feet of cooling line to ensure optimal packaging temperatures


Hydraulic Hot Press

From Pizza Crusts to Wraps and Tortillas, our press can do it all. Choose from our assortment of die sizes, choose your temperature and your dwell time. Our press can accommodate most flat products


Vemag Depositor/Portioner and Forming Machine

Accurately portions out and deposits your doughs in the shapes and sizes you need


Commercial Hobart Mixer

Large capacity mixer to handle the most demanding batch sizes

Optimus OL0448 004.jpg

Variovac Optimus Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Extend the shelf life of your products with vacuum sealing or using mixed gases to preserve freshness without the need for preservatives in your formulas


Commercial Bread and Bagel Slicer

Everyone loves a pre-sliced bagel, or loaf of bread, let us help you put a smile on your customers' face


Complete Pizza Assembly Line for 8" to 14" Pizzas

Large Commercial Sauce Vat with Waterfall System, Cheese Shredder, Automated Pepperoni Slicer and Topper, CO2 Blast Freezer Tunnel, Shrink Wrap and Langen B1 Cartoner


Metal Detectors

Both of our production lines have dedicated metal detectors ensuring that all finished goods have been tested for any metal artifacts



We have a Continuous Band Sealer, Kwiklok, Master Case Taper, Shrink Wrapping and Film Sealer to help you package your finished goods


Warehousing, Cold Storage and Freezer Space

Regardless of your raw material needs or finished goods storage, we have plenty of room


CFIA Approved Meat Establishment

We are a certified Meat Establishment by the CFIA that can handle meat and dairy products


Quality Assurance and Food Safety

Our experienced QA staff have over 35 years of Food Safety Experience. They are trained in BRC (accredited auditor actually), HACCP, Kosher, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Keto and workplace safety protocols and standards


Scaleable Production

Hundreds to Thousands of Master Cases to Meet all of Your Capacity Needs. Between the 3 Production Lines we are able to run up 144 shifts per month


Radically Honest and Super Discreet

Full Support for All Your Needs along the Journey With Us. We will keep you informed and also keep your formulas safe. We can help you with Sourcing, Storage and Discounted Shipping


Product Development

Complete Test Kitchen on-site with a network of experienced product developers and master bakers

usda inspection_edited.jpg

Established Exporting

We are experienced with USDA, FSVP, CUSMA and everything related to exporting to the USA.


On-Site Dry Ice Availability

We can make our own dry ice to handle your most demanding cold chain shipping needs

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